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We have developed certain key techniques that benefits the society in many ways,which will also push this app to sustain.


The current pandemic has brought countless problems and struggles for those living all around the world.

Gift & Coupon

Desperate Seller coupons can be utilized by those sellers who are in immediate situation to sell there product in the marketplace.


This app is needed as there is no other efficient means to locate the product or service in our neighbourhood.


First implement in a small area for test, parallelly looking for venture capitalist. Currently it is a prototype and app, development in progress


Product and service based search will help us to know the business in our neighbourhood, this will help the sellers and consumers to save time

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So it is more accurate. Whereas the existing similar applications are not updated on day to day basis. Other features of giving free things,gifting friends and promoting special discount coupons are new concept in this app.

Benefiting both business & common people will make this app popular and Led it to grow fast.

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This mobile application 'SELL NOW' is also a business address book where the seller's location, contacts, sellable item, products & services are constantly updated by the active participation of sellers & buyers on day to day basis.

Search based on products & services and promoting neighbourhood business makes it different.


What is Sell Now?

Sell now app also gives an opportunity to each and every user to shift their gifts or coupons to any other authorized user. Meanwhile the seller can authorize one or more shops in the app each giving authority to different employees of the seller.
Product and service based search will help us to know more about our surrounding shops effectively. This will help the sellers and consumers to save time, fuel and cost.
These unique features in the sell now app makes it more interesting which will again help to strike forward the business in the community. Altogether more number of people will come forward to make use of the sell now app.

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This app is a marketplace on our palm top where all businesses in our neighborhood are constantly visible, and we can reach them saving time and cost. There is no app in the market where just by entering the product or service name we get the list of all shops in our neighborhood or our surrounding. The constant participation of seller and buyer makes this app more live and in benefit to all.

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